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Building social capital.

At The Alms Group, we believe that when our neighbors are thriving, so are we.  Read on to discover how our clients are making an impact in our community simply by choosing to do business with The Alms Group.


10. Erin Meyer-Gambrel’s use of The Alms Grant is increasing her students’ engagement in lessons.

Watch and listen as Erin shares how introducing flexible seating to her classroom has increased her students independence through self selection. Erin utilized the Alms Grant to purchase alternative seating options for her students, and in turn has seen increases in engagement during lessons with her students. Click the photo to the right.


9. The Alms Group recognizes Erin Meyer-Gambrel as one of USD383’s outstanding teachers.

Erin Meyer-Gambrel always knew she wanted to be a teacher. From teaching her little brother as a kid, to being a fifth grade teacher at Bergman Elementary, Mrs. Meyer-Gambrel's passion for teaching has only continued to grow. Listen as she shares about the joys of teaching and what keeps her going.


8. The Alms Group recognizes Steve LaRocque as one of USD323’s outstanding teachers.

Steve LaRocque's passion for science is evident in every class he teaches. Mr. LaRocque is helping students learn about critical thinking skills through his science lessons at Rock Creek Junior/Senior High. Mr. LaRocque utilized The Alms Grant to purchase microscopes for his students. Click the video to learn how this addition to his classroom has stimulated more discovery opportunities as well as classroom involvement and conversation.

7. The Alms Group recognizes Joyce Eckelberry as one of USD383’s outstanding teachers.

Students and their parents have great things to say about Joyce Eckelberry. The extent of the impact she is making at Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School was clear when we sat down with Joyce to hear more of her story.

6. The Alms Group recognizes Molly Emert as one of USD383's outstanding teachers.

Molly Emert was selected as one of those extraordinary educators making an unbelievable impact on our kids. The Alms Group purchased Reflex Math for Molly’s fourth grade class at Bluemont Elementary School through our Alms Grant program. Reflex is a math program that can be accessed online at school and at home that is proven to help students increase “fact fluency” in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. At the beginning of the school year, Molly’s class started with a 22% fluency score in addition and subtraction. In December the class met their goal of 100% fluency! The Alms Group was part of a celebration pizza party and award ceremony to congratulate the students on their achievement.  We feel lucky to be a part of a community with teachers who go above and beyond. 

5. The Alms Group Hosts Flint Hills Summer Fun Camp Fundraiser Event

On Thursday night August 2nd, The Alms Group gathered with friends and past clients at Public Hall to help support the Flint Hills Summer Fun Camp mission of providing a structured, fun summer experience for children with autism-spectrum disorders and peer models. It was a great evening filled with conversations, wine tasting, and presentations from FHSFC and The Alms Group. Thank you to everyone for attending and joining us in donating to FHSFC! A special thank you to Keith Spreckles with Aquam Vinos and Public Hall for the beautiful event space!


4. Total ALMS given since our founding is $35,590.

The Alms Group is proud to announce that the total ALMS given to date (November 2017-June 2018) is $35,590! Nearly ten-thousand dollars ($9,525) has been donated to local schools in the second quarter of 2018. ALMS have been distribute across 10 institutions to date.  USD383 Manhattan-Ogden Public Schools received the greatest share of Total ALMS, totaling $28,000. 

Total ALMS Numbers and Recipients.png

3. The Alms Group recognizes Kelly Carmody as one of USD383's outstanding teachers.

In May we asked you to nominate teachers that are making a difference in the lives of students in our community. The Alms Group selected six teachers to receive funding for a project in their classroom. At the end of the school year, we had the privilege and honor to sponsor a field trip to Locked Manhattan for Kelly Carmody's 6th graders at Woodrow Wilson Elementary. Kelly is an incredible educator who cares deeply for each and every student she teaches. We made a video to help our community understand how hardworking and dedicated Kelly Carmody is to her students. To watch, click the video to the right!

2. The Alms Group donates $14,350 in Q1 ALMS.

The Alms Group is proud to announce that $14,350 has been donated to local schools in the first quarter of 2018. 

The Alms Group believes real estate and philanthropy go hand in hand. When you purchase or sell a home, you’re making tangible contributions to our community — advocating for its strength and growth. The Alms Group puts the power of change back in your hands, supporting causes important to you while still offering service that puts your needs first. When you choose The Alms Group, you’re choosing not only a diverse team of real estate experts, but fellow neighbors with a personal stake in helping our community succeed.

Once your transaction closes, you'll have the opportunity to select from our extensive list of local philanthropic initiatives. There’s no fine print or hidden incentive — choosing The Alms Group simply results in a first-class experience that benefits the community we all call home.

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1. The Alms Group Launch Party, a benefit for the USD383 FIT Closet & Clothing Exchange.

On Saturday night December 30th, we gathered with approximately 150 friends and family to celebrate the opening of The Alms Group. In keeping with our founding principal of giving away 100% of our brokerage profits to local philanthropy, we decided to make the focus of the event a fundraiser for the USD383 FIT Closet. We invited our friend, country music recording artist Logan Mize, to perform an acoustic set of the chart-topping hits from his latest album, "Come Back Road."

Thanks to the generous support of those in attendance, more than $10,000 was raised for the FIT Closet.

For those of you that don't know, the FIT Closet is a program of the USD383 school district that serves children and families in need. Students from Head Start and Pre-K through High School are provided with the necessary essentials (e.g., school supplies, clothing, coats, toiletries, hygiene products, laundry detergent, emergency food) to attend school and participate equally with others in class. Last year, the USD383 FIT Closet & Clothing Exchange served nearly 400 homeless children and their families.

"The FIT Closet is an amazing organization. We feel honored to be a part of something that has such a meaningful impact on the lives of so many families in the Manhattan area." 

- Cameron Ward, The Alms Group


The night was a mix of casual conversation, a short presentation from Stephane Grynkiewicz about the FIT Closet and its mission, and Logan's hour long set.  Among the songs played were his most known hits including, "Ain't Always Pretty," "Can't Get Away From a Good Time," and "Somebody to Thank." About halfway into his set, Logan welcomed his wife, Jill Martin Mize, onstage and the two performed a stellar homage to old school country music, performing Johnny Cash's, "Jackson." Logan's performance was superb, and many of the attendees are looking forward to his next Manhattan performance on January 26th at The Hat.

Cameron Ward closed the evening with a sincere "thank you" to all of those in attendance.  

The Alms Group's Mike Goodpasture and his family, with Logan and his wife, Jill.

The Alms Group's Mike Goodpasture and his family, with Logan and his wife, Jill.

Thanks to all that stuck around until closing time! Your reward: a group photo with Logan!

Thanks to all that stuck around until closing time! Your reward: a group photo with Logan!