buying advantage

What makes buying a home with TAG different?



The experts at The Alms Group have advised clients on the purchase and sale of hundreds of homes in the Manhattan area. We understand the local market because we have helped clients buy and sell in all price ranges and neighborhoods throughout our community. TAG agents will ensure that you’re getting the best possible deal on your home purchase or sale.


Technology & Analytics

Using industry-leading search tools and state-of-the-art transaction management, your home purchase will not only be smooth and transparent, but even fun! When you buy your home with The Alms Group, rest assured the most advanced technology available is being brought to bear to ensure you find your dream house and complete the process with reliability and efficiency.


agent for life

When you choose an expert from The Alms Group, you're getting more than assistance in the search and closing process. You're getting an Agent for Life. If you have problems after your closing, whether that be two days or two years, you can always reach out to us for help. We're here for you, no matter when you might need us.


Local Partners

We have relationships with many local service providers, including builders, remodelers, inspectors, engineers, repair contractors, lenders, and insurance agents. Our carefully curated set of affiliates will help to ensure an efficient and trustworthy closing process.



Our agents will define a clear plan and set expectations in the first meeting. Laying out these details ahead of time ensures you are informed and involved during the entire process, and that we're all focused on what matters most: your satisfaction.


At The Alms Group, we understand your biggest concerns when purchasing a home...

1. That you'll lose out on a house you want.

2. That you'll pay too much for a house.

3. That you'll buy a house with problems.

 ... and we've worked hard to develop and offer a simple set solutions to address them.